Saturday, August 29, 2009

Combing After Bill

Bill, the hurricane that whipped up a few waves and some riptide warnings and left some fun debris. Here's my haul from today's 30 minute walk on the beach...The red bits look like they are from car taillights, and probably are. A couple of funky little pieces of iron. A whole shell - some type of whelk maybe? A beautiful flat triangular shaped rock. A heavy piece of pottery. The propeller looking thingy is the hinge end of a very large (probably clam) shell.

This beach thing is fun. It's probably a good thing that I didn't start doing this 15 year ago.


  1. If you had started doing this 15 years ago, just imagine what you would have found by now. Keep at it! That big green beach glass looks like an amulet to me...

  2. you think that looks like an amulet, eh? Perhaps for the right person, it is...bwahaha...

  3. And could I possibly be the Right Person? I hope so!