Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Year Later...

Yes, it's been nearly a year since I posted a blog entry. I feel I've lost a certain anonymity that I prized for so long. Is the time for anonymity gone, and am I being completely unrealistic? Probably. Maybe I don't know how to be who I am online. And yet it feels pretty good to lay down some words and walk away.

In other words, I'm ambivelent about this entire blogging thing. And maybe that's exactly who I am and I just don't need to apologize for that. An epiphany a day it good for the soul.

Much Ado About No Snowthing. We were scheduled to get 2-5" of snow yesterday. It stopped in Raleigh and then went out to sea. I know the state border is a virtual boundary but you'd think it was physical the way the storm just bumped along it. All the schools were closed. City services were closed. Many people got a four-day weekend out of it. To this storms credit, about twenty-three snowflakes fell in the driveway. Can you have snow that is less than flurries? We did. For five minutes. The 2009 Blizzard That Wasn't.

Compare that to the fourteen inches of snow we got over Christmas at Mom's house.

MANY projects underway. Two pairs of knitted socks, two knitted hats, a 10-link bracelet, three pendants. Not much photography at the moment but I think that'll be picking up a little. I'll at least photograph my projects.