Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday, Aug 3

A quiet weekend. Grace is home with Nicole. Jacob is still in NICU but is holding his own. All Gabrielle's digestion issues appear to be resolved, but both her's and Jacob's internal temps are being monitored. However, everything is looking good. Nicole is spending a lot of time at the nursery, and Nick is also spending as much time as he can at the nursery, too. He adores his babies.

I saw Jacob and Grace this weekend. They look lovely :)


  1. Of course they are lovely, they are your grand babies!!

  2. That's all good news and glad Nick adores his babies. It's hard to bond with babies that are in ventilators and so on. But when they are yours, it doesn't matter. Hope your needs are being met.....

  3. I'm in grandchild withdrawal already.