Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cone of Uncertainty

We were not in it.

By "we" I mean Hampton Roads. By "it" I mean the projected path of TS Danny, which us weather watchers have been hoping would strengthen and throw up some severe weather, but not enough to make us evacuate. The projected path has bands and it's all known as The Cone of Uncertainty.

By "us" I mean Nick and me.

So every few hours we're checking out The Weather Channel or Wunderground. I've lost some faith in TWC's integrity ever since they started pretending to do "morning show" type stuff. Now that Al Roker is involved...well, gimme a break, huh?

But I love the term "cone of uncertainty." I intend to use it liberally.

Speaking of liberally, we are cooking liberally from our America's Test Kitchen cookbook. We love the French Onion Soup, and have mastered the art of cooking a whole chicken in a covered pot (chicken en cocotte) . Sounds straightforward, and it is. The question is: why doesn't EVERYONE cook it like this? It's so simple and makes the best gravy and the meat is tender and juciy from the thigh to the breast. Oof, is good.

I'm so late with this post...T.S. Danny is a dim memory.


  1. So....cooking the chicken in a closed pot....what else do you put in there? And is this book, America's Test Kitchen, from the HGTV series of the same name, with the guy who edits the magazine, Cook's Illustrated?

  2. Ancient Chinese secret! It IS from the 2009 season cookbook from the HGTV series with the guy who edits the magazine :) However, I was looking through an issue from Jan/Feb 2008 and had bookmarked the recipe...and a year and a half later we saw it televised and tried it.

  3. Do you get the magazine? I did for about 3 years and have kept all the issues. Sent a subscription to your brother for a year, too. Did I send one to you? Isn't it charming (or goofy!) that I don't remember what I give people as gifts....