Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Chapter

After 20 years in Norfolk, it is time for us to move on.

If not for recent events, we'd probably just stay put.

It really wasn't intentional. We're lazy, we hate moving. Loathe it, frankly. That's why we've been in Norfolk for twenty years. Well, one reason anyway. The boys have fled the nest and are happily living on their own, creating their own adult lives. That doesn't mean we don't love them like crazy. We do!! And with any luck and planning we'll be able to help them come visit us in our new adventure.


Over a mere three week period our lives were dramatically changed. One morning shortly after New Years Day, as he was heading out the door to work, he said  "there's this opening at the American School in London and it had my name all over it. I'm going to apply for it. Okay?" And I kissed him and said "Sure!" Because why not? Life can get a little boring if you always keep the door closed.

Three weeks and three interviews later we're staring down the barrel of an overseas move and ogling properties online in London. It's a little more expensive than Norfolk. After a few estimates we've contracted with an international moving company. I have the PETS Scheme list of bringing pets into the UK and the dogs have started their treatment procedures so they won't have to sit in quarantine in the UK. DH has renewed his passport, his new employer is arranging our work visas, and I have to find a new position with the bank or another company. Our first BIG porch/yard/estate sale is scheduled for the weekend of March 1 & 2. Nearly all the furniture and a great deal of our small appliances will be up for sale. A ton of books, some china, DVDs, a spinning wheel, looms (Bam Bam, the Tools of the Trade loom, and the table loom). I've arranged a trade for the Macomber loom for a smaller loom that I can ship with us. It's a good arrangement that me and the other party are very happy with. We'll be talking with a real estate agent tomorrow.

Saying we're excited, anxious, and slightly overwhelmed is an understatement. The paring down process is especially hard. Letting go of things we've collected that we think, rightly or wrongly, define us. They don't, really, but represent moments in life, and we have to look at our things, our stuff, and pick the moments that are REALLY moments, and not just...stuff. That, and The Stash :)

A new chapter begins in London in late June. Yehaw!