Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too much computer, not enough other

That's what it feels like, anyway.

We're still camped in the dining room because it's the only place to spread out and record the record albums and have both laptops on the table. Yesterday I recorded the Village People's Macho Man. This one wasn't mine. In fact, I can't seem to find any of mine, like my Music Minus One and a handful of others I've been carrying around for 20-odd years. Nonetheless, we have an interesting collection that includes all of Kent's mother's collection. Remember these great classics?

Right, then. At any rate, I'm spending a lot of time converting our old record albums to mp3s. We have a few 45s, and a nice stack of 78s.

I'm still working on acquiring the Miyazawa in used form. J.L. Smith is sending a PA-202 with the MZ-6 headjoint, and Katies Flute Shop is sending me a pre-owned 300RH, today's 402. I had no luck at the DC Flute Fair. I still keep coming back to this 402. On the other hand, there was good sheet music to be had.

The music project I having looming is a duet for Flute and Alto Flute from the Mikado. I found a piano reduction and from that I (we) will transcribe a piece to play for the Flute Choir Recital Night in May. Or a piece already written for Flute and Alto Flute if I can't make this work. I haven't given myself much time in my opinion. We shall see.

Knitting wise, I actually finished a block and began another block of the modern quilt scarf that's been hanging out in a bag on my floor.


  1. I'd love to hear the Slimnastics album. Wouldn't Slimnastics be a great name for a rock group??!!