Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FSW Flute Convention

Was it everything it was cracked up to be? For one day, sure. Did I mention that Susan cheerfully drove Amy and me to DC and back, and that Kent and David dropped us off and picked us up at her house in Williamsburg, respectively? Did I mention that Mary allowed the three of us to bunk in her room Friday night? Amy and I, variable that we are, were thinking eh, maybe we'd stay through Sunday. Or maybe i'd stay through Sunday and Amy would go back Saturday night with Susan. Or maybe we'd both go back on Saturday. In the end, we figured we'd seen all there was, attended the clinics we were most interested in, and decided that an extra weekend day was worth hitting the road Saturday night. So, we came back with Susan. We relied on so many people for this! Susan, David, Kent, Mary. Big kudos to them all for their helping hand.

In other news, I officially report to a new manager in a different team. Haven't met the new manager yet, but I have plenty on my plate because me and my duties moved, lock stock and barrel, over to a new team that specializes the stuff that I do. Analytics, trending, etc. More on this as it develops.

Nick is NOT moving to Maryland in March. Erica is moving to Norfolk in May.


  1. Wow! Two posts in two days! That's a record! So if Erica is moving to Norfolk, where will she be living......?

  2. So did you find an affordable flute at the convention?

  3. Yeah, I want to know the answer to that, too!

  4. Okay, Ms. Norfolk, it's time for a new post. I'm sure you understand how disappointing it is to go to a blog site and find no new posts since late February.

    Love, MOM

  5. Erin please check your email for a message about your Ammons family history.


  6. Um, Erin? When are you going to post a new entry to your blog? It's November, already! I think, as your birthday present to all of us (snortchuckleguffaw) you should catch us up on March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October!