Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Really, there was a Thanksgiving

And I started writing about it. It involved:
  • a turkey (not BBQ'd) and the standard trimmings at my SIL's in South Carolina, although there wasn't a traditional pumpkin pie to be found in the lot
  • lots of driving
  • lots of knitting in the car
  • hot dogs and chips at Maureen & Walt's place in Summerville
  • lots of knitting with my nephew
  • lots of eating
I had this big ol' other post that was very funny that I just never got around to finishing. So, there it is.

And then there's Christmas.

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  1. Well, that sounds very knitterly and kind of tiring and no pumpkin pie? Yikes! I'd love to read that aborted post that was very funny....