Tuesday, December 01, 2009

In What Format Is Our Lettuce?

DH: "in what format is our lettuce?"
The geek in me howled and then with a straight face I replied that the spinach was small form factor and the romaine was tall and cylindrical, and both green. If you don't see the humor, bummer for you.

Sumter Wine Festival
From the events brochure: "Brown will present an exclusive 'real-time' tasting of his famous wines live from his Napa Valley vineyard through Skype technology." Tell me...don't you want to know how he'll use Skype for wine tasting? And why is real-time in quotes? Is it not really real time? Aren't "real time" and "live" supposed to kind of go together?

My 13-yr old nephew has converted the guest room of my sister-in-law's house into a crafting room. Painting, knitting, crocheting...he calls it The Craft Shack. Knitting friends: he has started a small yarn stash and already has blown through one organizing method in favor of another. Oh dear, another yarn junkie in the family. What ever shall I do?

Me, at dinner last night with DH's Naval Academy roomy of 20-odd years ago: "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Democrat and I do want a public option." Much heated debate ensued. Thankfully, we didn't discuss religion, or spend too much time on the cost of his Maserati. Bob: I like you anyway!


  1. Hah. I saw the humor! Hey - when do I get to see the photos you took on Friday?

    The DH said that with a straight face, too, didn't he?

  2. I have had similar questions from my DH--geek city!

  3. PS: See that "missing grandson" now has a facebook page--I am requesting he let me be a friend. I will stalk him! Will serve him right!