Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Must be the coldest day around here today!

weather.com - Forecast Summary Index: "Northeast:
High pressure will continue building in and this will result in the end of the lake-effect snow for now. It will continue to keep the region cold though. Sunny skies will dominate along with diminishing winds. Highs will range from the single digits across Northern New England to the 20s across the Mid-Atlantic. Temperature will warm on Wednesday out ahead of the clipper racing through the Midwest today. Snow will also develop again, heaviest of which will fall downwind of the Great Lakes."

So, have I picked the coldest day of the year to go take pictures of winter foliage at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens?

Last night I was exploring photos, looking for something to play with, and realized that I don't have anything more recent than 1999, at best. I have the Passages stuff, the New Mexico set, the small Carnival set, and a few choice images from Monticello and Baltimore. Otherwise...nada. It's time to get to know my digital camera a little more. It has enough capability to produce an excellent 8X10 on the i9900, and I need the practice.

But...today? It's 19 degrees outside! Snow is expected later in the week = another photo op. I have a little list of items I need: tripod, turtleneck, silk underwear. If I"m going to do this, I need a stable tripod and warmth.

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