Sunday, January 23, 2005

McClamp "The Stick" Clamp

McClamp "The Stick" Clamp
The Stick and its partner, The Clamp, are a cool tools for photography.

It's been a photo crazy weekend around here. In a wonderful way. We didn't get the snow that was promised but we're sure getting the wind. Wow! Sometimes it sounds like a train coming by the house. The high today will be 30. Right now it's 20, and it feels like 4 with the wind. After a certain point, though, cold is just cold and 4 degree or 18 degrees...I can't tell the difference. I have to layer up either way.

Yesterday I took a lot of close-ups of jack-in-the-pulpit and tulips. I took some of a yellow spider chrysanthimum too, although I'm not as fond of how those turned out. It was hard to capture the subtlety of the colors.

I'm writing as I listen to Prairie Home Companion - it drives iHubby nuts. Mostly because I'm only listening to parts of it. I like the background noise. This is about the only time I can listen to the radio online without my headphones. He's still in bed (although awake and reading the Escoffier).

I've been unable to figure out why the image on my laptop screen is a different color than that which prints. Hm. Gee, that's a common problem. So I'm messing around with color profiles and all kinds of crap. Finally I tweaked the color set of the monitor - removed a little blue and red - and tada! It's a pretty good approximation of what I'll see when I print. Along the way I learned the color management is a huge area of knowledge, that I'll never be a master of it, and what a pain in the neck it is.

Today I'm going to organize my files, see if I can develop a workflow or something, and then make smoked salmon fettucine for lunch.

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