Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm exhausted and we're not even done

January 11-16, 2012

Tearing out the floor to the original planks (that are covered in glue and crap). The room is wrapped up like a bio-hazard zone.


 It's really old floor. And it stinks.

January 12
Move the plumbing and cover up the old raggedy floor.
Luan! Luan! And the plastic comes off.

January 13-14
Sometimes it doesn't LOOK like much has happened, and the cabinets aren't actually nailed in, but they are staged and, at this point, we know that we are missing a fill piece that I scrambled to order. A great deal of plumbing work has occurred. We are relocating three lines - fridge, sink, and dishwasher. Throughout this, too, they've been engaged in some plaster and electrical work for us both in the kitchen and outside and up on the 3rd floor. So lots of work, most of it never to be seen. At this point we also know that we need 2x10" registers instead of the 2x12" we bought. Well, duh that's because the pretty ones only came in 2x12." Surely that makes sense...

Sunday is, thankfully, a day of rest. So, we went to the tile store for a few hours. 

January 16
Monday was a bank holiday and I had the day off and took Maggie The Dog and Nick The Son to Gloucester to buy a big old lab table that happened to have a beautiful butcher block top.
We're using it as the top of the island. The tabletop is 6'x30." Extra stuff included for scale. That yellow...ahhh...I love that yellow but DH decided it was time for a change. I'll get used to the new color.
 And we have lights under the cabinets!

And finally the sink is hooked up! Plumbing!
No, the cabinets aren't nailed in yet. 

We have cork floor samples on order, the filler from the cabinet company should arrive Friday, and let's hope my sinus infection doesn't get any worse. 

Being the hearty DIY-ers that we are, we're going with tile countertops that I'm installing because somehow I signed up for tile duty once way back and it stuck with me. Well, hell, I like tile and this time I get a new toy: a wet saw!  Solid surface is gorgeous but so expensive it makes me uncomfortable - I can't justify the expense, even if I can afford it...which I can't. So, tile it is. Nice tiles. Big tiles, and gorgeous variegated blue/green (do not say teal) mosaic tiles on the back splash.


And now to bed because today was a day off from kitchen work and tomorrow it starts up again.



  1. Holy Cow Kids!!!! You have been insanely busy in that kitchen, but I love the look. Wish I could see it in person, but alas, I have no idea when we will make it to Norfolk again. Keep the pics coming.

  2. Finally discovered this new post. All I can say is: "Serenity now."