Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flute Choir at the Flute Faire

The Hampton Roads Flute Choir played at the Hampton Roads Flute Faire at ODU on April 16. The two pieces in the video are "Zefiro delicato" by Gary Shocker followed by Georges Bizet's "Gypsy Song" from Carmen, directed by Dr. Lori Shipley. We're played in Diehn Hall which has a nice, intimate performance space.

One of the significant others shot this nice little video, and posted to You Tube for us. No tripods were harmed in the making of this movie. Take your Dramamine.

I'm on the far (audience) right (or stage left, if you prefer), long wavy hair, playing alto flute, my "bent flute." I look very fat but it's just the big boobs. Honest.



  1. You guys are really good! I love being able to see you play with your choir! Computers are so cool. And you do not look fat. I love your ankles twisted around each other. Are you first chair? It looks like you are....

  2. No, I'm not first chair - no one really is, we all take turns playing first, second, third, fourth. In this video I'm playing alto flute. Now that I have the curved headjoint for my alto I play it all the time. I'm kind of monopolizing the alto flute parts in flute choir, though. No one has pitched a fit yet. They just need to get their own darned alto flute! Haha! I have to cross my ankles or my feet wouldn't touch the floor. Those chairs are tall-ish.