Friday, January 28, 2011

Warm and Almost Clean

The heat pump is cured! Not before it got down to 42 degrees in the house on a couple of the coldest days this month. I praise multi-zone heating systems.

The fan fell off it's peg inside the heat pump. Really. One bolt. I mean, really.

"My computer won't turn on."
"Okay, ma'am, is your computer plugged in?"
"Is that the black snake with the prongs? It's just laying there on the floor. I smacked it with a hammer a few days ago. I think it's dead."

Humiliation is free. Heating technician labor is not free.

In other breaking news, the dryer works. Two years ago, and I really thought I'd blogged about this, we had a spectacular nor'easter which made the water table rise which flooded our basement a foot or two b and prevented it from draining for about a month. Hard to gauge how much water there was, but all of us up and down the street had our sump pumps going 24x7 for several weeks. After all the excitement we were able to determine that the washer and dryer, only a couple of years old, were goners. Whirlpool came out and said, sorry, it's flood damage and even though you're under warranty, you'll have to go through FEMA. Riiiiiiiight.

For the past two years we've been schlepping to the laundromat with clothing, soap, and entertainment gear in hand. Did you know they use re-loadable swipe cards now? Instead of cash? Meanwhile, I didn't know DH was checking to see if either of the appliances had come back from the dead, but a few weeks ago he sprung this info on me, that being the aforementioned dryer.

Me: happy dance.

It appears that by this weekend we'll also have lucked into a washing machine.

Me: happy dance, including a few tap moves.

I'm sure it's a basic run-of-the-mill washing machine but that's more than acceptable as long as it resides in my house and sitting atop two courses of cement blocks.

Right, then, on to other life tasks. Like taxes.


  1. Squee moment! I totally understand about the Laundromat. When we were in Corpus our apartment didn't have washer and dryer hookups and the community washer dryers provided were always full. I think people off the street came in and were using them more than the people who lived in the apartments and it was creepy where they were located. Luckily next to us was a small shopping center with a laundromat there.

  2. Our laundromat is only a few blocks away, but still...major pain!

  3. Humiliation is free. I found that out when I dropped a large medicine cap in the toilet and before I could say "what the cuss" the dang thing was out of reach. Had to get a plumber, at nearly $200, fish it out. Ack!!!! Congrats on the washer and dryer. It's the little things.

  4. How long did Michael give you a hard time for that one? ;)