Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have some fun

I love this. Siraz: Is it a cheese? or a font? While everyone else is playing Bedazzled, I'll be over here playing this game:

And here's DH in his new extra-long stocking cap in Norview colors to keep you busy in case Cheese or Font is boring...


  1. I saw you knitting this hat and couldn't believe it at the time, but it really does work for both a hat and a scarf!!! Did you invent this? We all need one of these! As for Siraz, I am sure it is neither a cheese or a font--rather it is a wine, somewhat like Shiraz, but slightly lighter, more pert, with a hint of artichoke.

  2. Nyet, Mama, Siraz is in fact a cheese, from Serbia. although slightly pert might still be an apt description! Oh but wait...are you pulling my leg? LOL
    The only thing I invented about this stocking cap are the colors, and to be honest you-know-who is responsible for that. I just kept knitting until I'd decreased enough to run out of stitches to knit.

  3. Yes, I was pulling your leg and obviously was successful!!!