Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Woman Alone

I propose that women, dining alone in a hotel bar, are ignored by service staff. I propose that when Renee joins me we'll be hovered over like crazy, but until then I'll be virtually ignored. I can't propose whether it's American women or just women in general, but there is another woman here in the bar who is periodically alone, too. She has had her traveling companions joining her periodically, and it appears she is experiencing the same thing. So I don't think I'm exactly imagining this. Yesterday I noticed that unless I actually am able to make eye contact with the waiter or barman, then they will avoid looking at me.

It's pretty irritating but it's the culture, I think. Either that or I didn't tip the waiter enough yesterday. Is a woman with a laptop such an oddity? Perhaps that is a part of it. I ordered a chicken quesadilla a half-hour ago. I have to leave in ten minutes. It's not here yet. Last night, at the all-night hotel cafe, I practically had to walk up to the waiter and shake him to get services. When Renee joined me he practically prostrated himself to help us, and she thinks it's because she's in business clothes (suit). Actually, she sticks out like a sore thumb, 5'10" and blonde and thin. So duh, hard to miss. (Update: as soon as I started tipping extra I've been waited on like a queen, alone. HAHA!)

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  1. It is not your imagination and it is not the culture. I went to stay the weekend in Port Townsend after my divorce from husband #2, the one you liked best, and I went into a small restaurant just down the hill from the James House. I attempted to sit at the tiny bar to order my dinner. They rudely told me I couldn't sit there as I was a single and there were no tables available just then, so in affect, they were asking me to leave! Can you believe it???!!! I couldn't! I didn't ever go back there. I had better luck at a place in town, but I think you are right--singles at a table aren't expected to tip much, especially women, so why give them much attention?!