Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My First Sock and What I've Learned

As I knit my merry way on a sock (turning the heel wasn't so trauamatic as I'd thought) I have learned a couple of things and I'm not even finished!
  • I knit tight.
    I thought I might have to go down a needle size from 2, but realized it wasn't the yarn: it was me!
  • 5" wooden dpns DO snap in half, even if they are Brittanys.
    I must really be twisting that puppy. I've been trying to lighten up, but between the tight stitching (really, I don't even pull the yarn that I know of) and maneuvering around the other three needles...snap! I'm sure it's not normal.
  • I like socks!
    There's really something about knitting a sock. I think it might be that it's shape becomes apparent so quickly. Or that I have another chance to get it right (the second sock, its mate)
  • I've been circular knitting on the WS
    Instruction: Row 1 on RS *K1, slip, K1, slip* repeat between *; Row 2 on WS, purl all.
    Erin thinks: hm. right side? oh dear. there IS a right side and a wrong side. Not that it matters TOO much, but there is now a three-row ridge where I made this discovery and attempted to correct. I think I'll rip out the ribbed top until that row then knit back up.
All this learning and I haven't even finished the first sock! I'm ordering metal dpns for socks.

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