Monday, December 04, 2006

Stealth Project #2 - Finished

Alright, stealth project #2 is done. I just started the swatch for stealth project #3, which I changed my mind about three different times. It's more of a "which one can I finish first and get the biggest bang for my buck?" I still have the Publisher project to complete (if I call it something else you'll guess what it is), which I can do in a weekend. Then the Scotland project for Grandma, which I also can finish on either a weeknight or a weekend. If everyone get's Harry & David this year it means I wasn't able to finish it all!!! I seem to be the only person in the house who is into this "hand-crafted gifts" thing this year. Oh well, it gives me pleasure and hopefully will give pleasure to my recipients, too.


  1. Next Christmas I will be forced into the hand-crafted gifts thing because I won't have any money, so I'll be joining you! But I hate knitting, so knitting will not be my craft!

  2. You're pretty "crafty" too, Mom, so...I'll send you the pics via email. I just can't post them to the blog yet.