Friday, October 06, 2006

Childhood Favorites

Potato pancakes. Not the grated ones...real pancakes with leftover potato water and bits of mashed potatoes.
Quiche. My mom's recipe. I trust no others.
Rain on the tin roof of the Fellowship house.
Wiener Boats. I've never been able to duplicate it just right.
Christmas Cookies, with frosting.


  1. Did I send you the wrong cookie recipe? I sent you shortbread--maybe you wanted sugar cookies?

  2. Whatever you made for Christmas Cookies (which I'm convinced is some kind of shortbread sugar cookie) is, I think, the recipe you sent, and which I want.

  3. I used to hand form the shortbread. But I did use a different recipe for the cookies I rolled and frosted. It was probably a straight basic sugar cookie from the Better HOmes and Gardens cookbook.