Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Scotland Day 0 of 9

All was well until I got to the gate at the Norfolk airport. There was no place. It was late arriving FROM Newark to take we who were waiting TO Newark. Which wouldn't have been a problem except that the late departure ate up all the wiggle room I had between flights. I really thought I was going to miss my flight out. I set up a contingency plan with the folks at the gate so that I could take the next flight out if I missed this one. In fact, I had been removed from the original flight because, based solely on schedule, my Newark flight arrived after the Edinburgh flight departed.

But wait! The Edinburgh flight was also delayed by about thirty minutes. I got to the gate just in time to begin boarding. Mom was sweating bullets. She'd called Kent, who knew he couldn't call me because I did not take my phone with me, but he did tell her that the flight was very late leaving Norfolk. Not much a person can do except hope that it all works out. Which it really did. We all got on the plane together, Grandma and her walker, Mom hanging on to hers and Grandma's carry-ons, and me with my roller bag and shoulder bag. We had lots of STUFF. The flight over was pretty uneventful, but those first few hours before we left the ground in Newark were nuts.

Lesson #1: Avoid Newark/Liberty Airport at all costs.


  1. Avoiding connecting flights is good also. I've never had a connecting flight that worked out well ... always ended up late and running through unfamiliar airports.
    Are you going to give us a day by day entry re your Scotland adventures? Please do! 8)

  2. Yep, that's pretty much the plan. I hope Mom will fill in. What I think of as noteworthy may be different from her. I haven't had much trouble with connecting flights. In the past I've had the luxury of flying a southern route east and west which doesn't seem to be as plagued with weather or traffic as the northern east/west routes. On the other hand, it had usually been Charlotte to Pheonix or Las Vegas on business, and occassionally Pittsburgh. I haven't travelled regularly in four years, though - not because of 9/11 but because our (work) travel budget was slashed to nothing.