Saturday, January 28, 2006


My plan today had been to hike (walk) the trails in the Shoreline State Park, but I've spent the last two hours collecting webcam links located in Scotland.

Oban, one of the places we'll visit while we're staying in Dunoon.

Glasgow, Buchannan Street. I don't think Glasgow is one of our stops this trip. It'll be the next trip.

Edinburgh, Princes Street shopping district. I'm sure we'll hang around here a little before we fly back to the US of A.

More Glasgow just because it's Glasgow, eh?

Dunoon webcam

Fort William, north of Oban. No, not as in Braveheart, which I'm told is down near Stirling.

Kyle of Lochalsh, on the road to Isle of Skye for which I can't get a webcam view. Argh!

Loch Ness. This is one wild little website. From this link you can do Tai Chi with Nessie (or so it says).

I'm learning about the Scottish terrain by pouring over my big map and visiting the web cams. I'll know even more once we get over there!!!


  1. I am bummed! It's night there right now. Better look when it's night at home! Cool idea, daughter!!

  2. thanks, mom! I find the best time is a weekend morning.

  3. Saturday a.m. here I come!

  4. What happened to your momentum? As for me, lights were out both Saturday and Sunday morning so I haven't gotten to see the web cams in the light yet!