Saturday, February 14, 2004

Problem with a new computer....

...Is all the software you have to RELOAD. And all the software you realize, Oh, Shit, I didn't actually PAY for that...d'oh! Like WinZip. $29. Easy. So off I go with my little blue and silver check card in hand from site to site making sure that I'm a REAL, LEGAL software owner.

Yes, I'm a reformed, recovering leech. Mostly. Ok, pirate. Whatever. I don't have a parrot on my shoulder and you'd be surprised at just how many average middle class Americans have "pirated" their friend's copy of, oh, Adobe Photoshop for instance.

I reformed when I realized that I was getting bitchy about MY creative property but didn't give two snaps for Adobe or Microsofts software. This was about....oh....two years ago. But I'm not perfect. I speed. I tell white lies occasionally if it will get me that extra 10% discount (Why yes, I'm a senior citizen - NOT!)

Let's face it, though, the really dedicated pirates do it because
(a) they can
(b) they can proove that they can
(c) they can't stand Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Sierra, Sony, and whomever else for actually, gasp, charging what the market will bare for a piece of very good programming effort.

Hello? Did it ever occur to anyone that programming is HARD WORK?

Actually, it's a piece of cake. What isn't easy is debugging that slick code you thought you wrote. Been there. It's like a little detective journey which some people (me) like and which others (K) steer clear of at all costs.

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