Sunday, October 05, 2003

Isn't that a song?

Been a long time. Been a long, long time, been a long... Isn't that a song?

Ya, well, I dropped off the face of the earth, it seems like - at least in terms of this blog and my not-in-Virginia family. I had my first class at AIU-Online (got an A), a hurricane (Isabel), and a Toastmasters Competition in Baltimore (made it to the regional semi-final, didn't place for the finals). And that pretty much took up the bulk of my world from July through Now.

I'm not feeling very motivated or creative at the moment, either, mostly because I have two sprained ribs (probably, will see doctor on Monday) and they hurt like hell and make moving about somewhat uncomfortable, and sleeping is really awful. The doubly awful thing is K. Ok, I'm in pain and yet I'm STILL running around doing errands. Every try to drive with sprained ribs? It's no treat. So I'm pissed off after going to get cash and smokes, I come in the door and he offers to make breakfast for me. Dammit, there's the problem. I'm ready to get all mad and he goes and does nice stuff. Offers up his desk so I can use my laptop while he is out doing yardwork. I hate it when that happens.

I'd meant to sit here and do work - real work, work on the sharepoint portal server, work on the project tracking thing, but I've been up and around for four hours and I'm tired. My body is tired from compensating for these two or three ribs that are out-of-order. So I'm ready for a little nap. I feel like such a scuzzy lame-o. I hate hate hate being in pain.

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