Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dental work meets Greek yogurt

Bone grafts. 

The words make me shiver for that is what I had done in my mouth a week ago yesterday. I am a big pain wimp, Dr K., so thank you for the vicodin. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it through the weekend without it. I only had enough for four days, but made a difference. 

Cold food was wonderful. Cold SOFT food even better because I don't have to chew it and drive my gums into pain. After all the protective clay came out, though, cold food is now evil unless I very carefully guide it away from the most sensitive spots. Hot liquids=good. Cold liquids=bad. This entire week has revolved around what I can and cannot eat and the progress between the two. It's still mostly soft foods, though.

Because my diet had to be so limited (e.g., boring) I decided that I would include some of Kent's Greek yogurt (we buy plain Fage Total) with the amazing unsweetened applesauce I found at one of our local grocers. It was risky because dairy is not my friend and I always steer clear of it. 

Guess what? No problems with the dairy! None!! No intestinal upset. know...runs. If I'm really sensitive to something it'll get right past the Imodium. This did not. Therefore, I have resolved to include strained yogurt back into my diet.

YAY! I love yogurt. I hated not having it. And this is a really lovely thing to have discovered in the midst of this pain in my face. For which I'm still taking massive quantities of Motrin because I'm a great big pain wimp. The dull thudding ache is as bad as the other post surgery pain. 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

NBG 2.014 Fun Run

It WAS fun! The lights at the botanical garden were lovely. My favorite was the moon and starts display. But holy crap there were a lot of people stopping to take pictures! I nearly ran into them. I'm not sure I'm such a fan of the stopping for pictures, but then maybe I'm too serious. Come on. I'm trying to RUN here. In the dark. With only the holiday lighting displays to guide me. 

(Erin. Lighten the f*** up)

Ya. I'm still slow. My pace was 13:40. My last 5k pace was 12:29 and it about killed me, as Les would say. It was tough, for sure. This 13:40 was a good pace, though. And it was only 2 miles. And I've been doing run-walk-run training, which feels weird, and I ran the NBG as straight running, no breaks. After my 6 mi run last weekend, 2 miles doesn't seem like much. At the finish line, while waiting for me, Kent heard some runners talking about potholes. I didn't encounter any, but early on I noticed there was some pavement heaving from past freezes (or something) so I was already on the lookout for things to NOT trip over. Because I'm a bit clumsy.

First "race" of the year. Check! Kent called it a run. I corrected him. If you have to pay and you get a t-shirt and you get a bib (even if EVERYONE had the same number, haha it was number 2014) it's a race, no matter whether you race the race or just run the race. Ya, there's a difference. I ran the race. The timing clock said 28:42 minutes. My running app said 28:12 minutes and I killed the app 10 seconds after I crossed the finish. That's not the first time my app has logged me 30 seconds faster than the timing clock. I'm not sure what's up with that. Bad app? I hope not. I love this app. Next year: wear 

Next race: Virginia Is For Lovers 14k, Feb 15. 8.7 miles-ish. Someone come run it with me!!!! I'm running to finish, not racing for a personal best. Personal bests can come later. 

Meanwhile...weave weave weave! Still finishing up a Christmas gift on MayMac. I'll be working on that today as my vacation grinds away to its end. I return to work Jan 6. Damn! I want another week off! Or how about a month? And still get paid, thanks. It's been a nice two weeks. One week at Nags Head, NC, this week here at home. This morning's conversation:
Kent: What are your plans for today?
Me: I have none! hahaha!

But I actually do because I need to visit the mall for leggings at WHBM (the BEST leggings, lemme tell you), go to the pharmacy and the grocery store. In other words...errands. And a run sometime today. Before the rain gets too icky.